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DECO’s 10th conference will be held this year. Inspired by current year’s “resilient economy, production and employment” slogan and holding the Iranian Design’s Festival, in order to deploy the opportunity for guild, industrial and export organizations in the scope of small and average industries (national and state organizations for furniture, decoration and dependent industries in particular), we are attempting to deploy the foreign and local professors and researchers’ perspective in the following formats of scientific articles, lectures, posters in alternative exhibition, interpolation in applied sciences and researched sciences. Therefore, hereby invite all economic practitioners, professors, researchers and students to send their article’s abstracts by October 22nd, and their full article by November 1st in the predefined aspects to the secretariat of Iran’s national furniture, decoration and dependent industries council.
Should the sent article be accepted, the author(s) will be invited for presentation of their article as a lecture in DECO conference.
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Suggested Schedule for DECO 2017 Conference

·         Conference title: 2017 DECO conference

·         Date: 3/12/2017

·         Venue: IRI’s media conference hall.

·    Host: National council of furniture, decoration and dependent industries.

·      Objectives: Development of human capital in favor of growth in activities related to light industries (guild organizations)


1396/05/02 5:01 ب ظ
Persian Design Festival
The term “Iranian designing” is a term used to express a role in cultural and artistic fields and Persian civilization which is differentiated from other cultures because of semantic, visual and technical characteristics. In the complete collection of Iran’s art and culture, design works, from architectures to handicrafts, have always been and passed their path throughout history. Today, the concept of Iranian designing is more than traditional designs. The goal is to present designs which are fit for taste and today needs of people and with matching the concepts of aesthetics and new markets, provide competitive and qualified products and ideas from furniture industry of the country. The participation in this competition is free for all and there are no limits.
1396/04/18 1:33 ب ظ
Deco 2016
The 9th international conference of the World Trade in furniture, design, art, decoration and correlated industries has led the way for the arrival of all designers in Iran so we could witness the growth and expansion of trading furniture in Iran.
1395/10/06 4:34 ب ظ
The presence of European Furniture Confederation (EFIC) in Iran
Public Relations NCFDC-Deco Conference this year hosted representatives of European Furniture Industries Confederation for the first time in its history.
1395/10/06 4:20 ب ظ
NCFDC public relations- “Over the past four decades, significant growth happened in many parts of the economic, social, cultural and political levels in Iran, but progress commensurate with this growth has rarely happened. It means although the welfare and growth indicators can be seen in life of people. But it did not materialized the social satisfaction and people’s peace of mind.” Ansari Said. 
1395/10/06 4:06 ب ظ
Simone Colonnello- Itay;
After the sanction, the national council of furniture, decoration and the related industries wants to base their conference on the scientific basic of modern technology and research base approaches. There will be 4 workshops held this year at the 9th international conference on world trade in furniture, design, art, decoration & correlate industries 2016 (DECO). These workshops will be performed by some of the top figures in design and technology such as Mr. Torsten Fritze who was the former designer for Steve Jobs.
1395/09/16 5:27 ب ظ
The 9th international conference on world trade in furniture, design, art, decoration & correlate industries. (Deco 2016)
Mr. Torsten Fritze, the founder of Design Studio (Studio & Patners) in Italy (Milan) and Germany (Berlin) will be a special guest of Deco Conference this year.
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