National Council of Furniture and Decoration and Affiliated Industries has been founded under directorship of Mr. Ali Ansari(Engineer)  to create a national, comprehensive and responsible organization for industry and trade of furniture, decoration and the affiliated industries in private sector and also establish a consultant, specialized and reliable center for three powers and also decision-making bodies and institutions in the field of furniture, decoration and the related industries, plant, strengthen and enforce role and activity of all manufacturing , commercial (export-import), scientific , guild and servicing centers and institutions relating to supply, production , export , import and distribution of furniture , decoration and the affiliated industries , make effort to solve common  problems , realize common goals of the discussed organizations and institutions in national and international levels, hold and attend international exhibits and seminars to promote scientific and artistic position of furniture and decoration art-industry of the country and the affiliated industries in international assemblies on the strength of  paragraph K of Article 5 of law of Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines andAgriculture in Iran Chamber of Commerce through effort of some large organizations which are interested in furniture guild and industry in September 2012.