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Persian Design Festival
The term “Iranian designing” is a term used to express a role in cultural and artistic fields and Persian civilization which is differentiated from other cultures because of semantic, visual and technical characteristics. In the complete collection of Iran’s art and culture, design works, from architectures to handicrafts, have always been and passed their path throughout history. Today, the concept of Iranian designing is more than traditional designs. The goal is to present designs which are fit for taste and today needs of people and with matching the concepts of aesthetics and new markets, provide competitive and qualified products and ideas from furniture industry of the country. The participation in this competition is free for all and there are no limits.


The goals of the festival

1.     Presenting new designs, innovative ideas, executive and operational in described subjects.
2.     Creating a bed for introducing and identifying Iranian designing.
3.     Creating a motivation for Iranian designers for introducing executive and producible designs.
4.     Creating communication and interaction of designers with investors and manufacturers.
5.     Introducing new views of aesthetic and Iranian lifestyle to domestic and foreign markets.


Bases of the festival

The competition is defined in two sectors of household and office which in the end, the best submitted works considering the listed items in the arbitration criteria would be introduced.
Household furniture: including all furniture and equipment used in living space, from single chair to complete set of furniture, lighting equipment and decoration.
Office furniture: including all parts of table and seat, office equipment, lights and all the ideas which cause the progress of work space.


Participants’ requirements

There are no limits from education or profession to participants. Submissions may be submitted in groups, individually, in real or legal forms. Submitted works must be original and not a copy. Submitted works must not have been produced in markets or presented in magazines, newspapers or exhibitions before.
The legal responsibility of the owner of work lies with the sender and the festival is not responsible for any third party complaint from the posted work. There are no limits in the numbers of posted works.

The requirements of the works and how to send the works

·        Filling the form of posting the work by the participant
·        Presenting the design by picture or 3D design
·        The primary design of thinking process and creating the idea and the process of designing.
·        Presenting the plan of the details of design with the measures.
·        Writing max 150 words which include describing the idea, inspiration and creativity, design approaches, performance, used materials and design features.

Each submitted work must be presented on max 3 70*50 sheets and be sent to secretariat of the festival (without mentioning the name of participant)
Deadline for sending works: 9/6/ 2017, closing of the festival: 12/2/2017.
The works submitted in each topic is evaluated by judges of festival on the basis of the criteria set and the best works would be chosen.
The final judgment for the selection of the top ten works of each topic would take place on the final day of the festival, along with the awarding ceremony.

The jury committee

Mr. Isa Taherianfar
Industrial designer with the experience of product design projects/ having work experience with foreign and domestic brands

Dr. Abbas Eftekhari
Faculty Member of the University of Art / industrial designer with twenty years of experience of designing and producing projects/ designer of wooden houses

Dr. Seyed Reza Hosseini Lahiji
Industrial designer/ lecturer at the Tehran and Pars universities/ consultant of beautification organization

Dr. Nadie Imani
Faculty Member of the University of Art/ Board of Directors of the Association of Iranian Architects/ Head of the Library of the University of Art of Tehran

Dr. Abdolreza Mohseni
Head of the Society of Internal Architecture Engineers/ Lecturer at the Art Universities of Pars and Tehran

Scientific and executive secretary 

Rezvan Behzadi Nasab

Bijan Shiri

Executive Counsel for the Production Division

Hamlet Khalooyan

Davood Rabi

Indicators and Criteria for Judging

·        Creativity and innovation
·        Iranian lifestyle (design based on lifestyle and anthropology)
·        Artistic representation of aesthetics and performance
·        Attention to the principles of Iranian design

About the principles of Iranian designing

Studies on art, architecture and design throughout the history indicate culture, philosophy, wisdom and vision of people and artists who have created various works. Today, many thinkers, architects and artists, considering different works, are identifying principles by which they can define Iranian designing.

Some of the principles of Iranian designing

1.     The mix of multicultural cultures and manifestations, which due to the existence of different ethnic groups in this land and cross of different cultures, cultural and artistic richness of Iran’s works are very impressive and unique.
2.     Iranian designing is a mixture; Iranians have used the best works of art and aesthetics and mixed them with their taste into a new shape that is appropriate to people’s lifestyle and type of view.
3.     Iranian designing is Unitarian and pluralistic; This feature is seen in many of architectural works, illuminated and religious buildings, because of the belief in the unity and the unity of creation and existence, which indicates that all the complexities of the world move towards the omnipotent.
4.     Iranian designing has storytelling and narration.
5.     Iranian designing has elegance and poetry.
6.     Iranian designing is adapted from nature and its gifts.
7.     Iranian designing is free from violence, evil, war and obscenity.
8.     Iranian designing is a reminder of paradise and paradise gardens, examples of which are shown in most of works of carpets, ground cloth, textile and clothes design and etc. and represent the eternal land in the world of the hereafter.
9.     Iranian designing is magnificent, glorious and proud while at the same time it’s peaceful and peace offering.
10.   In a legendary way Iranian designing puts beauty and performance together.
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