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News Date : 1395/09/16 5:27 ب ظ
Simone Colonnello- Itay;
After the sanction, the national council of furniture, decoration and the related industries wants to base their conference on the scientific basic of modern technology and research base approaches. There will be 4 workshops held this year at the 9th international conference on world trade in furniture, design, art, decoration & correlate industries 2016 (DECO). These workshops will be performed by some of the top figures in design and technology such as Mr. Torsten Fritze who was the former designer for Steve Jobs.
Rules, guidelines and principals of Export Development
One of the workshops will be performed by Mr. Simone Colonnello, Market analyst of SCM group; he is also the CEO of Fratelli Cosulich Corporation with 20 years of precedent that has worked with most famous furniture & Decoration Companies in Asia and Europe.
For many years he has worked with Italy, Switzerland, Japan, china & South Africa on exporting Furniture Making Machinery; Currently Mr. Colonnello is the best analyst in Iran’s furniture market.
The purpose of Mr. Colonello’s workshop is to introduce & familiarize manufacturers to Principles of exporting and development of target markets in the field of furniture, decoration & all the related Industries.
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