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News Date : 1395/09/16 4:57 ب ظ
The ninth International Conference on World Trade in Furniture, design, art, decoration and correlated industries (Deco 2016), is one of the largest furniture and decoration industry events in Iran that will be held with the presence of CAFA members.
president of CAFA will be attending the conference, he is the chairman of the Asian Furniture Association (CAFA), and this will be his first time attending the international conference of DECO in Iran.
Also the Secretary General of the Association as well as 14 member states of the Council of Representatives will be present at this event.
According to the public relations department of the national council of furniture and decoration and correlated industries in Iran; This year, due to the presence of top Asian Association of Manufacturers and Exporters in furniture industry, NCFDC will host associations like China National Furniture Association, Indonesia Furniture Industry & Handicraft Association, Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines, Korea Federation of Furniture Industry Cooperatives, Malaysian Furniture Council, Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers, Singapore Furniture Association, Thai Furniture Industries Association, All Pakistan Furniture Exporters Association, All Pakistan Furniture Makers Association, Indonesian Furniture and Craft Industry Association, Iran National Council of Furniture & Decoration & Correlated Industries, Dongguan Famous Furniture Association.
The furniture industry has various industrial fields in the country's history, and was able to allocate about 10 percent of the country's employment, and also the National Council of Furniture, Decoration and correlated Industries managed to take the first step to convert potential into actuality.
Deco 2016 has created a solid foundation and the presence of the Asian Forums is the evidence & deposition on these activities./
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