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News Date : 1395/09/16 4:50 ب ظ
The 9th international conference on world trade in furniture, design, art, decoration & correlate industries. (Deco2016)
NCFDC public relations- Another interesting workshop that will be taking place at Deco 2016 is about classical decoration for modern lifestyles today –residential & commercial.
Mr. Damien Garnier is a famous French designer, that will be taking the tutorship of this workshop with the accompany of young Iranian designers. He is one of the outstanding classic designer of France who has designed more than 50 palaces in France and restoration of one of the sectors in Louvre museum in Paris.
Mr. Garnier started his workshops in 1996 and began his career with Repair and restoration, after short period of time; he was able to achieve great fame in France.
He extended activities in the field of design and decoration aristocratic houses and palaces in France, and in 2009 he established Garnier factory & currently has decorated classic palaces in different countries under his name.
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